non of ya beeswax
03/30/2013 12:51pm

im not excited about This Is Us. i dont even know what it is. #idontcare. and why did u create to blog things? I don't like Niall because he looks ugly. so bye! >:P

03/31/2013 6:26pm

okay, first of all why are you on this page if you don't even like One Direction. Second of all, If you don't like Niall, then shut ur mouth. Nobody cares. shut up and leave this place. i dont want any directinators. Haters gonna hate, but niall already ate!

03/31/2013 6:27pm

if u have nothing nice to say, then dont say anything at all, just remember that. Besides i bet Nialls much hotter than u! :P

04/09/2013 9:28am

@non of ya beeswax...I don't understand...if you are a directionator why did you waste your useless time and find this website just to trash talk about Niall? And if you don't know what This Is Us, then how did you know the title? You were probably a die hard directioner like the rest of us...So unless you got something smart to say don't come back to this website!!!!

04/09/2013 9:36am

shut up! Wtf are you doing on a 1D blog if you don't like Niall! Real directioners love all of them, and if you think one is ugly your insane. Get a life.


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